WeeChat and the annoyance.

Recently I switched over from Irssi to using WeeChat. Mostly because I was tired of not having an user list on the side of my connections with out having some extra scripts to do that. set up went fine followed the steps on ZNC’s webpage as I run my own bouncer on there as when I’m at home I connect using Konversation. added my networks just fine though one of them didn’t have a channel i needed so i had to remove it deleted it from znc however i could not figure out how to remove it from WeeChat several hours of googleing later still no answer so if this helps someone out here’s how to remove a network:

  1. cd to ~/.weechat
  2. open irc.conf in an editor
  3. scroll down to the network you are trying to remove from auto-connect
  4. delete all lines that contain the networks name
  5. save the file

next time you open WeeChat you should no longer connect to that network.

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