xRPD and the annoyance of default settings

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So the other day I was setting up xRDP on my RHEL server in the lab at work the first part went well, after adding the repo to my server and running yum.  If you’ve never set that up before here’s a guide on how to do that.  Though after that was where I started running into a lot of shall we say “fun”… from my work system running windows 10 I popped open mstsc connected to the server, and time out. Okay I forgot to start things as the guide only tells you to start the xrdp service. No problem back to SSH, run vncserver set an access password and note the display it’s using.

Back to mstsc, hey I can log in now… or not… failed to connect is the error in the xRDP status, as a test at this point I attempted log in using a vnc client black screen with some check boxes in the corner.  Went back to SSH and dug through things found that I didn’t have a session enabled. In my .Xsession file for vnc.   Not a problem we’ll just dive down another rabbit hole as my end goal was to use MATE. So after enabling EPEL and getting mate installed I went into my .Xsession file and added at the bottom start mate-session.

Great all done I can now use xRDP right? Nope. Still can’t connect after that same error failed to connect though looking through that window it’s connecting to my session is on 5901 or 5902 I forgot which at that point. Well I found a person on askubuntu having the same issue the answer there was to switch from tightvnc(in my case tigervnc) to vino and then alter the xRDP config… which I kind of did, I went into my /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini and looked through the config  what they did was add a second session for vino, instead of using sesman-Xvnc also note that the port for sesman-Xvnc is set to -1, what it is supposed to do is create a new session at 5910 or use the existing one if there is one.

Here’s what I did, I changed the port argument from -1 to 5901 as I’m more than likely will always have a session running on :1 though the better option that I found after doing this would be to change it to ask5901 or ask5910 and then you can tell xRDP where the session is at yourself on login. I also added a connection to use vino instead of tigervnc, but sesman-Xvnc was good enough once I restarted both xRDP and vncserver, hope this helps someone fix their issues.

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