WeeChat and the annoyance.

Recently I switched over from Irssi to using WeeChat. Mostly because I was tired of not having an user list on the side of my connections with out having some extra scripts to do that. set up went fine followed the steps on ZNC’s webpage as I run my own bouncer on there as when I’m at home I connect using Konversation. added my networks just fine though one of them didn’t have a channel i needed so i had to remove it deleted it from znc however i could not figure out how to remove it from WeeChat several hours of googleing later still no answer so if this helps someone out here’s how to remove a network:

  1. cd to ~/.weechat
  2. open irc.conf in an editor
  3. scroll down to the network you are trying to remove from auto-connect
  4. delete all lines that contain the networks name
  5. save the file

next time you open WeeChat you should no longer connect to that network.

Tetris and the robot

Recently I was watching one of dwangoAC‘s streams where he was trying to verify a Tetris TAS that made it to level 355 only to have it fail in some very pretty ways in a much earlier line count then what would account to level 355.

So after that I set out using the lua AI designed for FCEUX 2.2.2 from meatfighter.com to see when and if Tetris breaks after a certain time well.. not really… it is possible that as the bot is made to keep the well clear of as many pieces as it can it tends to build only single or double line clears instead of going for a tetris as when I ran the bot during one of my streams and was able to get the bot to line count – Square 54 before i stopped streaming for the day the only oddity noticed was as the level count went ever higher was that the color theme would stay the same across multiple levels changing sometimes after three or four levels. ┬áThat was yesterday that I ran that, today while sitting at work I’ve had tetris sitting happily in the background on my computer running making lines keeping the well clear and this time recording its button presses to a .fm2 file this time i hope to be able to give this over to dwango and see where things go as while I have Tetris and a NES, I don’t have a working replay device yet. As of writing this blog entry the bot itself was at line J06 and still going I figure it’ll run till the file gets to big to be of use for anyone though we’ll see where this heads as it keeps dutifully placing tetriminos. (thankfully windows can mute programs as this music would be awfully repetitive after a while)

Well I’ll leave it going for now catch you later.