E-Mail Hiccups

So last night I was trying to login to my admin page for this site and ran into a bit of a snag with my LastPass vault not syncing from my work system to my home one… has happened before and is normally not an issue worse case I just have to reset a password and keep rolling… or I’ve done the stupid thing of using a password I’ve used elsewhere. However WordPress auto generates a password that meets their complexity requirements and I’d used one similar to that generated in LastPass and of course I forgot it and hadn’t wrote it down expecting LastPass to have me covered. Ok no password there no problem we’ll just reset it and use a new password… So I go to the forgot password form and request a new one instant php error. mail() is not set up. Well I use office365 as my mail server which uses SMTP the only way to get that configured is via a plugin in wordpress it seems.

Except there was a way to get it fixed in my case. All that was really needed was sendmail to be set up which I hadn’t done yet, but to be on the safe side i went and checked in the mysql database to see if there was anything I could point at my email server sure enough in the Options table there was four fields that talked about mailserver after filling those in with the correct info I gave sending my password to me a try again…


same error mail() not configured or disabled by your admin.

Digging a little more I’m missing the modules. So using pear I installed mail, net_smtp, auth_sasl, and mail_mime and I also saw sendmail mentioned so I installed that using apt. once that was done I gave apache a restart (service apache2 restart or apachectl graceful) then I tried requesting a password again.

It worked, however it didn’t come from my email it came from wordpress@fallenfocus.net which I guess is fine my guess is I didn’t need to set the stuff in the database but, better safe to have it set and not need it I can always clear them back out.

so to fix this here’s the commands you would need
sudo apt install sendmail
sudo pear install mail
sudo pear install net_smtp
sudo pear install auth_sasl
sudo pear install mail_mime
sudo service apache2 restart or sudo apachectl graceful

after that you should be able to request a password reset

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Hello all,

Just posting some new content on here as I’ve not touched this or my blogger in a very long time… that and I figured that old story about openID was kinda worn out by now…

As to openID not sure if I want to put it back into use as I know WordPress is a bit of a bigger target than blogger ever was when it comes to that kind of “fun”

nothing much to update however… if you are bored I’d say stop by my twitch channel sometime and just hang out. twitch.tv/mediamagnetgame